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Rett syndrome

Rett syndrome (RTT) is the name of a combination of severe disturbances of function which develop in a predictable sequence.

The syndrome in its classical form is almost exclusively found in girls.

Mars 13, 2016



Welcome to the Rett Center

Rett Center is the national swedish centre for Rett syndrome, a rare but severe neurological disorder that predominantly strike girls in infancy.

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PODD-song 3: I have something to say


PODD-songs is a music-material that is developed for using with PODD. It is, of course also possible to use together with other communication systems for aided language stimulation). This is one of the songs, for working with initiating communication.

The music is written by Märith Bergström-Isacsson, music therapist and Helena Wandin, speech language pathologist, both working at Swedish national Rett Center. Text and chords can be found here.





Bengt Hagberg
Bengt Hagberg has passed away, 91 years old.
With his great scientific curiosity, his energy and commitment, Bengt Hagberg explored unknown and rare disorders. Rett syndrome became dear to his heart and he spread and elaborated on the work of Andreas Rett internationally. Bengt Hagberg initiated significant meetings and scientific work, was an inspiring mentor and collaborator for Ingegerd Witt Engerström, and strongly contributed to the start of the Swedish Rett Center 20 years ago. We want to express our sincere gratitude for Bengt Hagberg and for all that he has shared with us. May he rest in piece.

Info chief physician
The chief physician at the Swedish National Rett Center, neuropediatrician Ingegerd Witt Engerström, MD Ph.D, will finish her clinical work at the center January 2015.

Information video for the course "The "Power of Music"
Information video for the course "The "Power of Music"

Information for families with patients from other countries than Sweden

The Musement

The Musement
A rhythmic movement class for children with Rett syndrome or any children who like to move to music.
More about The Musement